The Water

In the 50s of the last century in Varvara it was found the second most heated thermal source in Bulgaria - 92 degrees Celsius. The bore is in 500 meters depth. In the area of Varvara there are seven mineral springs. The highly mineralized water is suitable for treatment, rehabilitation, sport and recreation.

The therapeutic and preventive properties of the mineral water due to the complex action of its healing chemical components and specific force ingredients.


An interesting fact is the presence of 2 times higher concentration of meta acid than usual. The high levels of meta acid act against the aging process. The mineral water has a favorable effect on the skin, making it more elastic and younger. The meta acid prevents the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques. It works gently on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines and prevents the decomposition of toxic substances. Thus its detoxify action. Varvara thermal water has a beneficial effect in diseases of the urinary tract by humans.


The presence of silicon (Si) in the water has a strong positive effect for flexible joints and strong bones. The silicon water activates the cell protoplasm and increases the vitality of important organs in the human body (brain, muscles, heart).

The benefits for the body of the mineral water baths are numerous. By the mineral water there is no risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation, it reduces stress and tension and it helps treating many diseases.

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