Places of Interest

In the neighborhood of hotel Aqua Varvara you can visit the following sites:

• Main church "St. Martyr Varvara"
The church is very interesting landmark. It is built between 1811 and 1814 and has no dome. Its height is 4.20 m and 1.50 m of them are dug into the ground.


• Batkunski monastery
The monastery is located in close proximity to Patalenitza, 9 km from the village of Varvara and can be reached by asphalt drive. Batkunski monastery "St. Peter and Paul" was founded in 11-12 century near the fortress Batkunion.

In front of the church grows venerable vine, which was declared as landmark. It is the oldest vine in the Balkans.


• Narrow-gauge railway line
It is the only operating narrow-gauge line in Bulgaria. The whole distance of 125 km between the end stations September and Dobrinishte takes about 5 hours with an average speed of 25 km / h. The line passes through the western part of the Upper Valley, Western Rhodopes, Rila and Pirin.



Natural reserve "St. Marina"
The locality "St. Marina" is linked to the legend of the healing spring, which helps in the treatment of eye diseases. On this sacred place were discovered the foundations of an old church built on this hill, which is located near the station Varvara. Currently, the area was declared as natural monument of national importance. The remains of the monastery church are surrounded by five huge old oak trees worshiped in ancient times as a sacred tree dedicated to god Zeus. There you can go on foot or by car.


• Hut "Ravno bore"

The hut "Ravno bore" is situated in the Western Rhodopes 1050 meters above the sea level in the beautiful scenery of the deciduous beech and oak forest. This small hut over Varvara is housed in a two store building with 60 beds. The transition occurs along a marked route.

Starting point: There is a walking path starting on the left from the parking of hotel "Aqua Varvara."


Chapel "St. Iliya"
It is located in the mountain above the village of Varvara. It can be reached by a footpath that has not a high degree of difficulty.


• Chepinska River
Chepinska river is a tributary of Maritsa River and rises 800 meters southwest of Little Syutkya peak in the Western Rhodopes. Lush and deep the river is renowned for its barbell hiding in the small pools.
If you like sport fishing the team of Aqua Varvara will organize for you that pleasure.


• Cave "Snow White" - Peshtera
“Snow White” is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. It is also called "the pearl of the Rhodope Mountains" and it is included in the list of the 100 national tourist sites. It was declared as natural landmark. It is located 35 km from Varvara towards Peshtera. The cave can be reached in around 45 minutes through a steep green path. Before the path there is a 2 km asphalt road.

• Spring "Kleptuza" – Velingrad
The largest karst spring in Bulgaria - Kleptuza is located on the right bank of Chepinska river near the mountainside in Chepino, Velingrad. It is located in the southwest corner of Velingrad, 28 km from the village of Varvara. The area is protected since 09.02.1966 and it has an area of 412 hectares.


• Winery “Enira”
The winery "Bessa Valley" is a dream escape from the noise and stress of the city. The winery is located in the village Ognianovo, 29 km far away from the village of Varvara. Visit the winery and enjoy the incredible wine brand "Enira" (on request).


• Hiking trail "Panorama"
The ecopath "Panorama" is only 5-10 minutes away from the hotel. The trail offers a beautiful panoramic view and it is good for everybody who likes to walk in the mountains.


• Bulgarian Jurassic Park - Pliocene Dorkovo Park (The Lost World of mastodons)
On 19/09/2013 in Dorkovo has opened the first ever "Pliocene park." This park represents the largest known to paleontologists cluster of bones from over 20 species of animals in one place. The museum scientists, conservators and artists have recreated realistic Pliocene atmosphere with paintings that visitors can view, hearing an audio background of monkeys, trumpet call of proboscis and the clatter of horse’s hooves of ancient hipparions. One of the main attractions of the museum is the 4-foot-tall sculpture of a mastodon anankus.
"Pliocene Park" - Dorkovo is open to visitors every day from 10:00 to 19:00 am.
The park is located 28 km from Varvara (25 min by car).


• Fortress "Tsepina" – the last stronghold in Rhodope
Tsepina fortress is located on the outskirts of the village Dorkovo, about 28 km from the village of Varvara. The area of the castle itself covers 25 acres, surrounded by massive external walls. In the highest part of the hill there was the royal citadel and castle, fortified with internal walls.
Among the most well-preserved (and restored) today Tsepina ruins that attract the interest of thousands of tourists are the foundations of 3 churches and 4 deep reservoirs, the internal and external walls and the foundations of the citadel.
In 1990 the area was declared as natural landmark for tourist, scientific and educational purposes.
The castle is located 33 km from Varvara (35 min by car).

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